I have an iTunes playlist call my “Repeaters.”  It could just as easily be called my “ADD Songs.”  All the songs on that list have made it there because they’ve stuck in my head for days at a stretch at one point or another . . . and I liked it!  It’s sometimes a fine balance of madness being single / a bachelor.  There’s no one to snuggle with, but if I get the urge to play Suds on the Roof 200 times in a row, there’s no one to complain, either.  (The chihuahuas just pee on the couch after the 200th playing.)

All right, Fat Boy, we warned ya about playing Celine Dion . . .

At the top of each Earworm post is WordPress’s version of a slider bar.  Depending on the browser (read:  nearly every one I’ve tried out) it’s hard to tell there’s a slider bar, much less a play triangle at the left of said bar.  But there really is.  You can click the left side of that black bar and listen to the ‘Worm yourself.

I like ’em.  A lot.