I was bitching just this morning about $3.69 per gallon gasoline.  I was trying to compute what it was going to cost me to get to Iowa and back — 1000 miles.  About 30 miles per gallon, 33.33 gallons of gas, times 3.69 = $123.00.

This got me thinking:  what did I pay for gas when I made the same trip five years ago?  How much have gas prices risen in that time?

Oddly enough, gas is less expensive now.

Here’s a picture from my 2008 RAGBRAI blog.  It doesn’t show the price per gallon, but since I was always purty gud at ciphering (as Jethro Bodine would put it), 60.00 divided by 14.928 gallons comes to $4.019 per gallon.

Funny that I had forgotten how bad that summer was.  What I tend to remember is how that Fall the prices dropped dramatically.  I remember going to visit my oldest in FL.  There was a station in MS that I paid $1.37 a gallon . . . just months after my 2008 RAGBRAI trip.