This is one damned seriously expensive “vacation.”

Let’s throw out some numbers:

  • Based on the post below, it’s 123.00 in gasoline just to get there and back.
  • On Wednesday, July 10, I dropped 367.00 on new tires, tubes, pedals, some maintenance work, and a few other things.
  • Back on July 5 I spent 106.71 on new headlamps, tail lamps, and some other bike parts.
  • A week’s parking pass for the car in Fort Madison, Iowa was 55.00.
  • To register for the ride itself cost 155.00
  • The bus that will take my fat ass and the truck that will take my bicycle from Fort Madison (the finish line) to Council Bluffs (the start) cost 145.00.
  • “Week long support” with the Pork Belly Ventures tour group was 345.00.
  • The first night I get to Iowa I’ll be staying at the Super 8 in Keokuk, Iowa.  Another 80.00.
  • During the ride I’ll be spending three nights indoors instead of camping.  Each location requires a “donation” of $10 to $20.  Another 40.00 total for the three nights.
  • New tent, new lights, batteries, caps, rain gear, and other stuff cost about 400.00

A little over 1800.00 . . . so far.  Throw in another 300.00 for food and incidentals and we’re safely over two grand for this little experience.

On the other hand, it’s worth it.  Unless I get run over by a train or something . . .