Time for the “dress rehearsal.”
I pitched my new tent in my backyard.  I’m actually typing this on the new keyboard I bought today.  It’s connected via bluetooth to my phone.  I downloaded the Blogger app to the phone and am using that app for this post.  (As I hope to do for all of the posts while riding.)

I’ve turned off my phone’s WiFi and have gone to its 3G / 4G connection.
Earlier today I packed my duffel bag as if I was actually on the ride.  It’s got all of the clothes, toiletries, towels, and everything else that’ll be sitting in my tent while I’m in Iowa.  I’ve got the little battery powered fan running its D batteries down. 

Gotta see what I’ve forgotten.  Be easier to grab something from my house when it’s 25 feet, not 700 miles, away.
Miss air conditioning already . . .