Turns out I’ve been here before. Once I got into town, I remembered it from the 2008 ride.

Got the worst sunburn the previous time I rode through here. It wasn’t Shelby’s fault. I was wearing a “wife-beater” and didn’t have the brains to put on sun-block that day. Lordy Lordy, it’s a wonder they let me have a bicycle license. (What? You don’t need a bicycle license?)

I wish I could have snapped a couple of pictures of these high school girls on the side of the road as we entered Shelby. Now, take as gospel that everyone is trying to sell something. Water sales benefit the church. Gatorade sales will buy us a new firetruck. Pancakes help towards the animal shelter.

Stationed at the mile and half-mile points from Shelby each were two Head-Cheerleader looking young women. All four were in formal evening gowns. They were holding up signs for us to buy / donate . . . well, something that I don’t remember . . . the proceeds were to go towards . . . paying for their prom.

American Capitalism at its very best.

The bicycling hordes invading Shelby