I was at the Perry Street Festival when I saw the clouds getting ready to sock us.  I was about a third of a mile away from my tent.  I knew I hadn’t put the rain flap on the tent.  Everything was laying in the tent, uncovered.  Clothes, electronics.  Everything.  I could see the rains falling from the clouds.

Busted ass to get back to the tent.  Knew right where the rain flap was.  Whipped it out and started to put it.  Guys in the tent next to me asked if I needed a hand.  “Yes, that would be wonderful.”  We got the thing secured to the tent.  I stepped into the tent.  Literally 30 seconds later this started:

Complete with hail (or by the sound of it, I suppose it could have been dead birds smacking the ground), lightning, and wind so strong I just knew some of the tents weren’t going to make it through.

But they all did.  This morning everyone woke to wet — but still standing — tents and bicycles.