When we last left our hero . . .

. . . I was bringing y’all up to date on the ride so far through Perry.  As I’m writing this, I’ve completed my fifth day on the road.  Perry to Des Moines, Des Moines to Knoxville, and Knoxville to Oskaloosa.  (Always have to look up how to spell that one.)

To make up for the 83 miles of hills and blast-furnace level temps, the biking gods gave us a perfect 10 for the ride to Des Moines.  In all the years I’ve been riding, I can count on one hand the number of days in which all of these conditions were in play:

  • The humidity was low or non-existent.  
  • The temperatures was temperate (60s / 70s).  
  • The road was flat (or, if not, then at least the roads wouldn’t cause heart attacks and chest seizures), and 
  • The wind was at my back.

Tuesday was a beautiful day to ride a bicycle.  We only had about 1300 feet of climb VS the over 4200 feet on Monday.  The storm Monday night had dropped the temperatures 15 to 20 degrees.  Absolutely perfect riding day.

Wednesday — Des Moines to Knoxville — was just as perfect.  Back to back perfect riding days.  Unheard of it.  Timing was in play here.  Heard from a local just a little while ago had the ride taken place last week, we’d have been riding through 100+ degree temps again.

I was hoping for a “hat trick” — three perfect riding days, but Thursday (in my humble opinion) only gets a 7.  The weather was a lot warmer (though it started off extremely cool this morning).  The hills were a lot steeper.  (I’m measuring that subjectively.  It’s been the only day my uphill speed has been reduced to 4 to 7 miles per hour.)  And today we’ve all been fighting a pretty significant headwind nearly the entire way.

Still:  27 out of possible 30 points?  I’ll take it.