‘Cuz she was klutzy.  That’s why.  (There are rules to being selected as the CBOTD.)
As I was munching on my pork choooop, Karen was taking a break from dishing up smoothies.  She sat down on a lawn chair next to mine, leaned back, and almost flipped the chair upside down.
I told her had she done that I would have giggled silly.  She told me that she’d recently visited her grandmother.  Granny had a recliner.  Karen asked if the recliner would tip over. Granny said no.
Granny lied.  
Karen wound up flipped right over.
I told Karen that Granny was probably sitting in kitchen laughing her ass off.  
I also think I’m a big fan of Granny’s warped sense of fun.
I wound up with a concussion and a doctor for a boyfriend.