When I took off for Des Moines, I really wanted to get the blog updated as I’d been without an internet connection for a couple of days.  (A big “up yours” to AT&T’s “national data coverage” map from their website.  Completely worthless and inaccurate.  “Wait, you mean you actually want to use the plan you pay for?”)  Additionally, I had some time critical things I needed to get done for work.  
That meant hauling ass (even if it takes me five trips!) to Des Moines.  I knew I had a few hours work ahead of me. Wanted to get there early so I could find a WiFi connection.
But the trip to Knoxville was a little more relaxed.  I took my time.  I . . . meandered.  I stopped at every little stop.  
I ate like I wasn’t ever going to eat again.  
I saw Sydney hanging out on the side of the road.  (Sydney is the goat in the picture.)  I had to stop and pet the little beast, doncha know.  
Amanda and her mother were using Sydney to sell breakfast burritos.  It worked.  I bought one.
And then I bought another one when I got to Runnels.
And then I bought an ice cream cone later.  A three-breakfast day.  Mmm.

By the look on my face you’d think I was eating chocolate pickle ice cream.
Obviously a union shop where it takes five workers to pour one ice cream cone.