As we were leaving Des Moines, they routed us through the Iowa State Fairground.  They had a few booths open. The morning crew of the radio station was broadcasting.  (The female part of the crew was riding a stationary bike.  To simulate our rides?  Because she needed to drop a pound or two?  I don’t know.)
There was a sign on one of the administrative buildings which said the bathrooms were open.  I’d forgotten to fill up my water bottles before I left. Figured if I could get to the bathrooms I could find some water, too.
Except the doors were locked.  I’m assuming they didn’t want me to “water the bushes” and since I really didn’t need to do that anyway, I cycled right across the lot to their official “beverage stand.”
Asked the guy for a couple of bottles of water.  “That’ll be $5,” he said.
What?  You’re kidding me, right?”  I said.  Water hadn’t been priced more than a buck a bottle since I started the ride.  Sometimes it was 50 cents.  And a good portion of the time places were giving it away.
He looked apologetic.  “I’m guessing you’ve never been to the Iowa State Fair.”
He had a point. But I did get him to fill up the water bottles with ice cubes.  He did that for free.  I felt obligated, then, to tip the guy.  Geeeeez.  $7 for two bottles of ice water.  I’m still ticked off about it.
All your money belongs to us