Folks had been talking about going through Pella.  That it was going to be a “meeting town.”  (Someone explained to me what a “meeting town was.”  I was polite, but I really didn’t care.)
Obviously Pella — the inventor of late night infomercials — needs to up their name recognition.  Because it didn’t click with me in the least.  I suppose if someone named their town, “Coca Cola Ville” I’d have caught the corporate tie-in right away.
I didn’t look any of this stuff up on Google, but I’m guessing the Pella family is Dutch.  So the entire town is also heavily influenced by the Dutch.  No idea what the caption says at the top of the structure in the picture below.  But I bet it’s something like, “Buy our windows.”
Not exactly the company logo
Bicyclists are like honey badgers.  They don’t care where they sit.  Even on sacred Dutch monuments.

She just followed me home.  Can I keep her?