As I was leaving this morning, I ran across my 86 year old buddy Lucy.  She and John were at a Casey’s parking lot.  He was taking a picture of her.  I stopped and asked if they wanted a picture together.
“Oh yes,” she said.  “John never gets his picture taken!”  
Sure hope this was husband John and not some random biker boyfriend or something.

Lucy asked where I was from.  We exchanged brief profiles and I gently said, “We met yesterday right before the dam.”  She then exclaimed, “Oh yes, I remember.”  I smiled, but, (1) I’m not that memorable and (2) the lady’s 86 years old.  I do good to remember my name.

Lucy politely indulged my request for a picture with her.
Maybe if I take a picture with this guy, he’ll quit stalking me.  If not, I’ll have to pop a cap in his ass . . .