This lady was hanging out with her killer dawg Benji.  (I guess it could be spelled Bingee.)  

At one of the little towns on the second day of the ride someone was passing out packages of turkey jerky.  I’d stuffed the package into my panniers and had pretty much forgotten about it.  Wanting to flirt shamelessly with the cute lady by feeding her dog be a nice guy and give the little critter a treat, I remembered the jerky.
Up until that point Benji had been a little, well, jerky himself.  As soon as I brought that package out, though, Benji was like, “Dude!  Best friend in the world! No, don’t know who the woman is.  All I know is you’re gonna feed me.  It’s called living in the moment.  You humans should try it!”
Please, Benj’.  When you’re going up a 7% grade for two miles, you’re doing nothing but living in the moment.
I was just sitting here when all these crazy bicyclists came out of nowhere.