The very nice place we’re staying on our last night on the road, Foursquare Church.  The people have been every bit as nice, cheerful, and helpful as anyone else in Iowa has been so far.  There are showers and WiFi (though 200 people accessing it has brought the WiFi to its knees), private bathrooms, air conditioned spaces . . . quite a nice change from sleeping outside:

I wonder:  does anyone use FourSquare to check into .. . . Foursquare?

 In addition to giving us accommodations which, in comparison, have been the nicest since we’ve started, they also fed us.  I bet these sweet church ladies didn’t get off their feet in the 24 hours we were there.  If they weren’t out front serving food, they were in the back making it.

At 8PM they featured “one of their own,” Mitch Goudy:

Not sure who the female singer is, but she wasn’t happy with the groupies . . .

Goudy Groupies