On the very first day of the ride, when in Council Bluffs, I met Ann and Rob.  They were there from New York.
 It was their first RAGBRAI.  (There seemed to be a lot of first timers this year..)  They’d heard so many people repeated the ride year after year that this sounded like something they’d like to do.
We were all standing in line for the bike mechanic that first day.  Most of the folks in line had had their bikes shipped out and needed some help in assembling the machines.  Rob, Ann, and I had all had something break on the bikes.  (This was the day I stood in line for an hour, only to be told they couldn’t fix it, and send me off to another bike repair shop.)
As all bicyclists do when you’re doing nothing but standing around, you start comparing resumes.  I told them about my 2008 RAGBRAI ride, my trip to Lake Erie, trucking off to Richmond, Chicago, and Knoxville.
Ann had ’em all beat.  Combined.  In just one journey.   She rode from San Francisco to New Jersey in 67 days.  And made a documentary of it.  And plans on doing a second ride, from Florida to Maine.