I leave tomorrow for RAGBRAI. 10,000 bicycle riders. One wide ass state (472 miles). 90+ degree temperatures. (Although the forecast, right this moment, is calling for thunderstorms the first two days of the ride. Since weather moves west to east — the very same direction we’ll be headed in — it may be a very damp ride indeed.)

I’ve been training for the thing since April. The longest daily ride during the thing is a little more than 80 miles. I’ve ridden well more than that on a single day. I’ve made sure I could do three 85 mile days in a row without just falling apart.

I’ve created this blog to keep a journal of my ride. I’m carrying my iPhone with me. I’ll post pictures and comments as I can. Plus, I’ll be using Jott to post notes when I don’t feel like typing. (God only knows how those will turn out.)

Thanks for reading along!