Took a nice hot shower in the shower truck. Dinner was a hamburger and
fries. The very first thing I did when I got here was set my tent up.
Knew it was going to start raining and I didn’t want to set it up in
the rain.

Now I’m down for the night. It’s raining pretty heavy. The sound of
the rain on the tent plastic is very relaxing.

I bought a battery powered fan the other day fir six bucks. I’ve got
it running now and I’m glad because it’s quite humid despite the rain.

Also bought a baseball cap that has two bright lights in the bill. You
click a button on the brim and you have a nice hands free light to see
in the dark.

Saw a cool idea in the next tent. They had used those vacuum things
that suck all the air out of a bag that you’ve put clothes. Really
cuts down on the storage space needed. They have a bag for each day
already labeled. Pretty smart.

Losing the iphone battery big time. Gonna post this and hopefully
there’ll be some place to charge this tomorrow.

Good night to the 4 people reading this. 🙂