Well it comes down to battery power again. The charter group was
supposed to have a huge power station to repower phones and cameras.
But it’s not available to tomorrow. So I’m trying to conserve ad much
battery power as possible to snap pix tomorrow.

Today was pretty uneventful. The rain let up enough to tear down the
tent and get it loaded for mo valley. I slept most of the ride here
and that was nice.

My bike needed some work when I got here. A broken spoke took almost
two hours if standing in line to fix but it’s better now.

Dinner was a spaghetti supper in the high school cafeteria. Free beer
was avail but once again water will cost you. I can’t figure that out.
That’s the second ride I’ve been exposed to that.

Met some nice folks from all over. The vets are all telling us how bad
tomorrow will be. Full of the highest hills the ride has to offer.
Plus it’s going to be 95 degrees. Right this minute the runs is
blowing so hard I truly worry about the integrity of the tent.

I want to get on the road right at 6 so hopefully I can be off the
road at the worst of the heat.

More as I can get to it! I can’t tell you much it means to get your
voice mails and emails and text messages cheering me on. Even I
haven’t been able to answer them they mean a lot.