Everyone was talking about how bad today was. The bad hills and all.
While that first hill almost killed me it really wasn’t that
bad. Some hills I went up at 5 mph and down I was 25 to 30 mph.

In the 60 miles from Mo Valley to Harlan we climbed close to 3500
feet. The ride computes difficulty of days by a distance climb ratio.
That makes the entire ride the 11th climbiest ride in ragbrai history.

Tomorrow though we will climb over 5500 feet over an 82 mile day.
Depending on an optional loop to make the day into a 100 mile day it’s
either the 7th or worst climbingest day in RAGBRAI history.

That’s right. Out of the 38 years the ride’s been going on there has
never been a worse hill climbing day than tomorrow.

Plus it’s going to be 95 again tomorrow. And the humidity is gonna be

No wonder everyone is in downtown Harlan getting drunk.