Miraculously I’m at the halfway point. It’s 10 am and I’ve been on the road
since a little after 6.

Amazingly there is a huge cell tower right behind me. So I’ll take a
moment to post a couple of pix before I go.

The floor want too bad last night. About 3 there were tornado sirens
going off so I guess a lot if tents got blown away. Several very noisy
refugees made their way into the room I was sleeping in. Took ’em an
hour to shut up so we could all go back to sleep.

This morning the skies still had severe weather on their minds. But
within a few miles it’s been blue skies and rather low humidity.

The hills have been everything they’ve said they’d be. Every time you
think you’ve seen the worst one one more rears it’s ugly head at ya.

Heard about a bad injury this morning. Lady was 1/3 of a mile into the
ride when she crashed. Wasn’t wearing a helmet and took a header off
the bike. They had to take her to the Omaha hospital. She’s to be
flown back to Philly where she’s staying with friends. She’s here
from England. Came over just to do the ride. Ouch.

For all of you who are asking yes my butt us doing just fine. I forgot
to put sunscreen on my shoulders yesterday so they’re a little sore
but other than that I’m doing ok.

All right. Gonna get me some gatorade and get back on the road.