From Dido’s Greatest Hits.

I’d been reading an article on Cracked where the author had casually mentioned listening to Dido while he worked on something. I’d never heard of her.  One of the most popular female singers of all time and somehow she’d escaped my notice.

Then again, I just don’t pay attention to popular music.  Haven’t for, what, nearly 30 years now?

I’m also failing more and more at recognizing those “Celebrities Having A Birthday Today” on IMDB.   Lately, I don’t know anyone under 40 and I’m starting to scratch my head over those who’re my age.

Despite never having encountered Miss Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong it only took a few clicks to sample her work.

“Don’t Leave Home,” full or orchestration, sounds like a love ballad. Even the video looks like a love song.  (Granted I’m distracted by the extremely cute blonde walking around in lingerie):

The only problem is some of the lyrics are down-right stalker-ish for a love song. For example:

I arrived when you were weak

I’ll make you weaker, like a child

Now all your love you give to me

When your heart is all I need

Well, thanks to the magic of the Inter-Webs, I discovered the song is about drugs.  It’s sung from the perspective of the drug. Now the whole thing makes sense.  And makes the song more than a little creepy, too.