This is the test I ran on Wednesday evening to check out my iPhone app.  I’m going to have to burn a lot more calories than that if I plan on having pie!

Let’s see.  66 calories in 5 minutes.  Hmmm.  Let’s see.  7 hours of riding * 60 minutes per hour * 60 seconds per minute = 25,200 seconds.  Divided by 300 = 84 “66 calorie burns” or 5,544 calories getting from here to Loudonville.

To lose a pound you have to burn 3500 calories.  Lose a pound and a half getting there? 

Hmmm. I could deal with that.

So, if I rode from here to CALIFORNIA . . . I might be skinny enough to get Heather Locklear to lift that restraining order . . . you know.  The one that begins, “Get the fat guy away from me . . . “

Finished Cycle: Aug 3, 2011 11:43:14 PM
Route: New Route
Google Maps URL:
Shortened Google Maps URL:
Import URL:
Ride Time: 5:19
Stopped Time: 1:27
Distance: 0.85 miles
Average: 9.57 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 15.17 miles/h
Ascent: 0 feet
Descent: 46 feet
Calories: 66