I think I’ve wasted some money getting ready for this trip.  About $60 so far.  I purchased 2 tents and 2 handlebar-mounted iPhone holders. 

The 2nd tent I bought tonight.  Was in Wal Mart trying to find a tail light for my bike.  (The stuff I’m toting on the rack blocks the location of the old light.)  I came across a MUCH smaller tent than the one I just bought on Tuesday.  I’ll return that one ($33) , along with one of the iPhone holders. ($23).

I also bought 2 travel cases.  One for all the goddamned recharging cables I have to contend with.  (Phone.  Headlight.  Bluetooth headphones.)  Another to keep all of the toiletries in.  But there’s not room in the saddlebags for both of them.  Another $7.

Other than that, the purchases have gone towards the trip.  $45 for the bicycle rack.  $80 for the saddlebags.  $55 for the earphones.  (Had to get those because the iPhone holder I’m keeping encloses the phone completely against rain.  No way for earphone cable to come out of it.) 

$30 for a CO2 inflator and a half dozen cartridges.  (I’m over trying to pump up 120PSI with a hand pump on the side of the road in a pouring rain.  Time to turbo-charge an inflation.)  $9 on a taillight.  $50 for the iphone holder.

Plus I bought 5 throwaway shirts at Walmart.  $3 each.  Wear it — toss it.  No need to carry any more dirty laundry than I have to.  Also found something I’ve been looking for for nearly 3 years:  a ball cap with built in LED lights.  It makes a WORLD of difference when you’re trying to find something in the dark and you need both hands to do it.  $10 for it, plus another $4 for replacement batteries.

Right at $300.  What I said I didn’t want to spend on hotel rooms.  (Spending a total of $100 on camping sties.)  Take back the sleeping bag to Dick’s and the iPhone holder to Best Buy and that nets me almost $60 back.  I’m out 2.5 Franklins.

But all of the stuff I bought (with the exception of the shirts) I’m going to keep and use again for another trip.  (Those earphones paired with the iPhone sound awesome!)  Plenty of time left this season to do another 250 mile trip.