And hopefully ready to go.

I decided to double check both tents I purchased.  Good thing I did.  The less expensive (and much tinier) one was extremely flimsy.  I felt like I was going to break those tent extension poles just by pulling the tent up.  The fabric was very light and I just knew the first time a zipper got caught in the thing, it’d rip.  Knowing each time I’d set it up I’d have just finished a ride; tired, ready for a nap, and not going to want to delicately move those fragile pieces into place.

Plus, it was a bitch to get back into the bag.

The other one, the more expensive Coleman tent, was oddly enough, harder to set up.  But the material was much sturdier.  The poles twice as thick.  The tent itself was much roomier — room for me to stretch out.  (You grab what comfort you can.  It’s still going to be sleeping on the ground, y’all.)

Tearing it down wasn’t bad and had absolutely no trouble putting it back in the bag.  In fact, it was so easy, I’m still looking around my living room to make sure I didn’t miss putting something back in the bag.  I’ll have to reverse my post about “wasting” the money on this tent. 

The bike’s all packed.  Debit card and driver’s license is secure.  (Those of you “in the know” know all about my habit of losing driver’s licenses.  Sheesh.)  It’s 1:40 in the morning.  Time to try to get some sleep.