Double hashbrown casserole is Food of the Gods.

I usually try to get 20 miles before I take a break. So far I’ve only managed 16 and it’s taken me 3 hours to do that.

430 this morning the rain started. Had to go out and put the rain flap on. 2 minute job at most. But couldn’t go back to sleep. So I set the alarm for 630 (sunrise), opened the iPad kindle app and read until I fell asleep.

At 700 I was wakened by the sound of some animal trying to scratch it’s way into the tent. Why hadn’t the alarm gone off? I’d set it for PM. :: sigh ::

Hadn’t gone 1/10th of a mile before realizing the back tire was flat. All of the stuff I’d just loaded now had to be unloaded to get to the back tire. Thought, “well I get to try out the CO2 refills.”. Proving my ineptness at all things new I managed to waste 2 before finally getting it right. (10 miles unto the trip I realize I neglected to do a key thing in fixing a flat. I expect to have another one before the day is out.)

I’d bought some presta to schraeder valve adapters and got to try them out at the first gas station I got to. Seemed to go ok. In other words I didn’t blow the tires off the rim.

At the rate I’m moving today I’m going to wind up having to try out my headlights …