From my brother about my “introspection” post:

Don’t ever apologize for being successful…. You earned the right to wear your ass out on the road… be safe… watch out for pot holes and minivans

I’m proud of you and Love you… big brother.

Awww. Love you too, little bro.

For the record, I wasn’t apologizing for being successful. Just realizing there’s folks who’re worried about where their next meal is coming from. Puts my sometimes-whiny concerns in perspective. Not going to stop me from being whiny, though . . .

My mom and I recently did a grand tour of nearly all the southern states. The folks Down South are always so friendly and so “concerned about my safety,” that with each journey there I’m, err, “taken aside” and . . . well, my mom’s advice for my bicycle trip?

no “tickets” on this trip,okay!

Also, after my post about sitting in the pouring rain at the base of Mansfield’s Mt. Everest, my mom wrote:

We will come get you if you’d like,sounds like this ride hasn’t been that much fun.

It was actually a hoot. Maybe even a holler or two, too.

Thanks to everyone who followed in on Facebook, the Joke A Day Forums, and via text and email. I’m still surprised at all the folks who were “tuned in.” Is it just because it’s re-run season on the TV and y’all have nothing better to do? 🙂