In addition to my legs, back, and butt being a tad sore, I suffered an injury I’d never encountered before:

The Gravel Road where my rear tire met its demise:

On Sunday I pedaled past the 200 mile marker. Sunday was the day the heat was kicking my ass. I think it plumb drove this fella crazy (he’s highlighted on the right side of the picture, a little difficult to see):

He was sitting in a chair in the back yard of the house / storefront. I’d parked at an abandoned car lot across the street. There was probably a hundred yards between us, but I could hear him alternately singing, yelling, and cursing. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, nor did I ever see if there was anyone he was addressing, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. Brought to mind George Carlin’s news headline: “An unarmed man has barricaded himself inside his own home. No one is paying him the slightest bit of attention.”