This will probably be the last “big trip” of 2011. I’m sure I’ll get the urge to do some shorter rides, maybe 20 to 50 miles on weekends. But between the trip to Lake Erie last month and this one, I’ll probably be done with “big trips.”

I planned for the Lake Erie trip for weeks. This one? I don’t think I’ve spent more time than necessary to figure out how far, look at the entire path on Google Earth, and buying some spare inner tubes. I’ll get home tonight, pack some clothes, and when the thermometer is beyond, “You’re Going To Freeze Your Ass Off,” I’ll hop on the bike and go.

I’ve set the bicycle app to send a report to the blog when I start riding, then every 25 miles, then when I finish the trip for the day.

The goal is to make it to Springfield, OH on Friday. Richmond on Saturday. Springfield on Sunday. Then back to Columbus on Monday. All along US 40. 40 runs parallel to Interstate 70. My thinking — and it’s played out by my reconnaissance of US 40 so far — is that all the “big traffic,” the trucks and the commuters will, for the most part, stick to the Interstate and will leave me and 40 to ourselves. We’ll see how that pans out.

No camping this time around. I’m going to pamper myself with hotel rooms. So it’s off from posting this entry to looking around on to see what I can find to book.