If you’re going to get toted out feet first, might as well be in a Rolls Royce hearse.



Not shaken or stirred. “Pored.”



Just curious: Did Jerry get the FM radio station? Or maybe Channel 6?

This little fishy was at the foot of a long driveway.  As I was taking the picture, the owner pulled in.  He told me it wouldn’t cost me anything to take as many pictures as I liked.  I replied, “That’s the first thing that’s been free on this entire trip.”




Like I could pass up a sign like this. Almost stopped in and made myself at home.

I saw the name on this mailbox . . .


And, of course, thought of:


Or as Jay Leno described her at the time, “The Most Popular Teacher In Her School.”

Me, personally, in the “Doing Da Teach” Category I was much more fond of:

Debra Lafave

Debra Lafave


Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Can you tell I’m not seeing enough sights on the bicycle to keep my mind from wandering?   ‘Cuz then there’s “Yeck’s Restaurant” which I almost caused me to crash on the way north:


If you look very closely standing in front of the order window is one of the car hops:


When I came by the first time, there were a half dozen of ’em out there in little pink shorts.  Even if the food tastes like the name of the restaurant — “Yeck!” — who would care?  Is “Yecks” some Indian word for “Hooters”?  (“Have you seen her yecks?  Those’ll make your sticker peck up!”)

A waitress at the Step Inn (Est. 1943!) asked me when I was done with breakfast if there was anything else I needed.  I told her that I could use a spare butt.  She offered me hers.  “See if you can knock a few pounds off of it, would ya?”



A random Lake Huron “informational.”  Had to giggle over the French taking 50 years to sail to the other side of the damned lake.




What is it about Michigan’s waters that cause every single stream / river to run . . . red?



Two possible theories suggested by the names. First creek I saw was named “Cinnamon Creek.” Then second one was “Devils Creek.” All right, those two get a pass. But what about the others?


The waitress at Billy Bob’s (I think that was the name of it) was telling some of the other customers that she got kicked off of Facebook.

Was not sure that I wanted someone handling my food who had managed to piss off Facebook.

This one’s an update to the Jesus Plays Basketball picture from a few days ago.  Riding the other direction, I happened to see the location from a different perspective.  Not only is Jesus Chamberlain getting ready to score a field goal, but he’s keeping company with the dinosaurs, too.  Click on the picture to see it in all its glory.