I was going to post something along the lines of, “credit where it’s due.” For the first in a long time, I had a rather stiff wind to my back the entire ride! I’m not even gonna bitch that it means I’ll be facing it when I come home. I’m just going to be thankful that I spent a day zipping along up in the highest gears without facing the wind. It was nice.

I went out to take a video of a blowing flag so you can get an ideda of just how stiff the wind is. But there’s something going on with transferring videos, and it’s not working.

I was across the street from the hotel. There were two houses, both with flags out front. Both flags flying freely in the wind. I took lots of video in front of one house, then I walked over to the other house to take some more. The other guy had a little wind mill like thing that could have generated enough electrify to power Columbus overnight. As I waiting to cross the road back over to the hotel, this gentleman walked out of the first house:

May God forgive me, but damned if I can’t remember his name. It sucks being old.

We had a nice long talk. He was especially proud of his house:

He invited me inside and showed me around. Told me that the house had been sitting for 7 years empty. He bought it and closed on it in January. Paid cash for it. Took me on a tour of the place. It looked nice. He showed me some 8×10 pictures of how the place looked BEFORE he did a lot of work on it. That made the place look that much BETTER. He’d ripped up carpet, put in new drywall, restored some hard wood floors to their original look . . . and he’d done it all himself. I told him he had a right to be proud of the work he did.

That slab used to be a Dairy Queen knock-off. He told me that the lady who lived in the house with the windmill thing was the mother of the woman who owned the DQ-like place. Said the business got behind on federal taxes, and so they tore the place down.

The mother of the DQ owner had owned the property this gent now owned. She raised 12 kids in that house and when the DQ thing went belly up / was torn down she moved next door. It was left empty for 7 years and the gent bought it.

As we talked he told me was fixing the place up for his daughter, who’d just gotten out of the Navy. Daughter was stationed in Virginia Beach. I asked him whereabouts there. Told him I’d been transferred from Little Creek to Columbus back when Fred Flintstone was CINCLANTFLT. As he tried to remember, I prompted with some base names there. He lit up when I said, “Dam Neck?” Turns out his daughter was a hospital corpsman there. (Or, as Obama would pronounce it: CORPSE MAN.)

His whole family had been military. Dad was 38 years in the air force. Brother was 25 years in the Navy. A cousin was in Columbus as a recruiter — he’d been in for 21 years. He said, “I’m the only one in my family who didn’t serve. I was a truck driver.”

At some point he mentioned the stomach by-pass operation he was going to go through. Said he’s lost 45 pounds working out at the gym, but he’d reached a point where he wasn’t losing anything else. He seemed amazed at how I considered a 45 mile bicycle ride just a “quick jaunt, nothing much to it.”

Nice guy. Was interesting talking to him.