When you go into a situation where you have low — or no — expectations, generally, you won’t be disppointed.

Such was the case here. At $30 per night, there’s not going to be a turn down service or mints on my bed.

Last month I spent $43 to spend the night in a tent, with bugs, on the ground, no air conditioning, and a communal shower a quarter mile from that tent. A Diet Pepsi set me back $3 out of the main office’s coolers. I remember buying a package of lunch meat and some cheese — another $8 or so — and that was dinner.

So, it’s not exactly the Hyatt Regency here. The smell of cigarette smoke may be the worst I’ve ever encountered.


  • I got a large pizza delivered to my door.
  • There’s an air conditioner right by my bed.
  • I have my own shower. It’s 6 feet away.
  • There’s no bugs in the room. (As far as I can tell. Maybe they come out at night.)
  • Pepsi machine is only $1.50.
  • Did I mention I have a bed? That I’m not sleeping on the ground?
  • There’s a television in my room. It has cable. 60+ channels. It’s reminded me why I took my cable TV out a year ago and haven’t missed it once.
  • I’m lying on a bed. With pillows. My bicycle is quite jealous.