Started off at 9ish this morning. Was in the mid 40s when I woke up at 7ish. Decided to wait until it was at least in the 50s.

It’s been a very pretty day. The wind is mostly at my back, the sun is out brightly, and the road has been smooth and mostly flat. Just enough little hills to get my heart raving a little bit.

Left my battery for my light at the hotel. Didn’t discover my stupidity until 15 miles into the day’s ride. Since I’m going right back by there (and may even stay again) I can get it tomorrow. No night rides tonight though.

Few weeks ago I discovered a bike trail that started in Urbana and went into Springfield. I found Lee’s Chicken there and gave it a try. When my internal hunger alarm sounded off a few miles ago I started looking for something that sounded good. Lee’s fit the bill.