B’s Family Restaurant.  Two eggs (two huge eggs!), meat, and bread for $5.50.  With soft drink and tip I was out the door for $10 . . . and they filled up my Camelback, too!




Who knew they had a street named after them?



If you’re going to wear dirt for all eternity, you might as well have one heck of a view:

2014-05-23 12.06.06


Brown rabbits, right?  Rabbits who like . . . cheese?

2014-05-23 09.05.47



I thought you just left your food out in the open.  Who knew they made it deliberately?





Goddamned wind:

2014-05-23 10.08.27


I passed a sign talking about “The Singing Bridge.”  I took the opportunity to stretch my legs.  Found an old timer fishing off a pier in the river below.  We chatted for a little bit.  I then asked him, “What’s the deal with this ‘Singing Bridge’?”

He told me that the bridge originally had metal boilerplate spanning the river instead of concrete.  (Similar, I guess, to a drawbridge.)  He said that when vehicles — especially trucks — would pass over the bridge, it’d make the metal “sing.”  He told me he’d grown up in the area and at one point lived five miles from the bridge. If the atmosphere was just right, he could hear the bridge even five miles away.

He said the bridge had been rebuilt several times since then and no longer sang.  I suppressed the first comment that came to mind, “Yeah, Johnny Cash doesn’t sing any more either.”

Right with the bridge and Johnny Cash, the store on the other side of the road doesn’t sing any more, either.



Oscoda Lakewood Shores Resorts.

I’m spending the night at a golf course.  This is the view out my back patio:

2014-05-23 19.58.39

They want you to come play golf.  The room’s an incidental.  If you play 9 holes, you get the holes and a room for $56.  $66 will get you 18 holes and a room.

But if you don’t want to play golf?  That’ll be $76, you heretic you.

Nice digs, though.  I’ll give ’em that.


2014-05-23 19.59.56


No WIFI, no ice machine, and there’s not a restaurant within five miles (except for their own clubhouse.)  But I can’t ding them for that because it was my dumbass fault for not looking that stuff up.

First thing I did once I got into the room was turn on the heater to 72 degrees.  I’m not one to get cold, but a 20 MPH headwind and temps in the 40s and 50s froze me to the bone today.

Tomorrow night I’d headed to Presque Island.  It’s 70 miles from here.  Let’s my hope my legs and butt cooperate.  Be nice if the sun’d make an appearance and the wind’d either exit stage right or push from the back for a change.

Place I’m staying is called “The Fireside Inn.”  I’m upstairs and gotta share a bathroom.  They don’t take credit cards.  It’s going to interesting.

Finally, I threw out a, “Hey, does anyone have any room?” on Warmshowers.org for Sunday night.  Amazingly a couple has responded and told me they’ve got plenty of room!  That’s going to be in Cheboygan . . . that is, if I live long enough to get there.  They told me they’ve got 2 other cyclists staying with them Sunday night . . . and chili is on the menu!