117.28 miles. The longest distance I’ve ever ridden in a single day and only the 3rd time I’ve ever ridden more than 100 miles in a day.

Got up this morning, bitched about the weather, and said, “Ya know, Fat Boy, last month you did 101 miles without really trying. What if today . . . you tried?

The last 90 minutes were in the dark. But I had a headlight and taillights so the idjits could aim for me better . . . err, swerve around me.

There’s very few parts on my body that didn’t bitch today. Shoulders. Hands. Knees. Feet. Back. Butt. Neck. At about the 98 mile point, my left foot started to hurt so bad I thought that was going to be the end of the ride. I told my foot, “Look, the shoulders and neck were bitching at the 8 mile point, so don’t start your crap.”

Finished Cycle: Sep 18, 2011 8:40:23 PM
Route: Columbus To Richmond
Google Maps URL: http://maps.google.com/?q=http://share.abvio.com/fc28/825e/4e37/b4c1/Cyclemeter-Cycle-20110918-0835.kml
Shortened Google Maps URL: http://j.mp/ruI9hM
Import URL: http://share.abvio.com/fc28/825e/4e37/b4c1/Cyclemeter-Cycle-20110918-0835.kml
Ride Time: 9:25:23
Stopped Time: 2:39:08
Distance: 117.28 miles
Average: 12.45 miles/h
Fastest Speed: 43.52 miles/h
Ascent: 2687 feet
Descent: 2157 feet
Calories: 7149