I’ve had a couple of days to recuperate from the long ride. It was fun to do. Got me out of the house for a weekend!

The original plan was to have ridden back to Springfield on Sunday, then get up Monday and finish up the trip. Seeing the weather forecast talk about a 60% chance of thundershowers on Monday coupled with my wild idea to just see how far I could go knocked those plans out.

It’s a good thing, too. Because, weather-wise, Monday was a lousy day to ride a bicycle. The temperatures didn’t get much higher than 60 and it rained all day long. That would have been a miserable 3 to 5 hours. At least when I got clobbered by the thunderstorm last month, the temperature was in the 80s / 90s. The rain felt pretty good. 55 degrees and rain? Not so good.

As I said on Sunday, there weren’t many parts of my body that didn’t complain a time or two. I was barely across the Indiana / Ohio state line when my shoulders started aching and it felt like an ice pick was buried in the base of my neck centered between my two shoulder blades. That persisted for five to ten miles.

Since I’ve grown so afraid of falling off the bike I generally keep an iron grip on those handlebars all the time. Fifty miles or so into the ride my hands started to complain. It took a few miles of taking one hand off and pulling it far behind my back (which helped my back and shoulder immensely) to get my fingers to quiet down.

Right at the 98 mile point my left foot started to cramp up. That was the worst pain of the day. I literally had to stop the bike, take my foot out of the pedal clip, and stretch it as much as I could without removing the shoe. It took a few minutes, but either it quit cramping or I killed the nerve endings.

Once I was home my “saddle sores” kicked in pretty well. Plus, my quadriceps — those muscles above your knees on the front of your leg — were really tight and sore. Most of yesterday those muscles complained loudly. By this afternoon they’d quieted down considerably and I expect all to be back to normal by tomorrow.

In looking over three days of riding, according to the computer, I burned up close to 16,000 calories. For a Fat Guy like me, that’s almost a week’s caloric intake. So I “bought” some of those calories back yesterday. Went over to Golden Corral Buffet for lunch . . . and ate nearly everything in sight! Well, not exactly true. I had an amazing craving for . . . salad. (Yes, this contradicts my “man food” post I made on Saturday.) I did my best to put GC out of business on salad makings. And I didn’t skimp on sucking down my mainstays when I go there: chicken, mashed taters, green beans, pot roast, bourbon street chicken. I rarely go to their dessert bar, but the chocolate was calling out to me so I answered the call.

There’s a bicycle store in a little town called Peninsula, Ohio that sponsors a “night ride on the Towpath” throughout the summer months. I believe in two weekends they’ll have the last one of the season. I think I’m going to have to take a trip there to do that. Plus, depending on what source I’m looking at, the Towpath itself is getting close to 100 miles in length. That would make another good four-day trip to ride.

But maybe that trip can wait until next season.

Oh yes, one last thing: not ONE single flat tire on this trip. As it should be.