Three cowboys were sitting around the bar, drinking beer and shootin’ the shit. They were all bragging about how tough they were, and this led them to a bizarre contest. One of the men called the waitress, a busty brunette, over and handed her a knife. He slapped his hand up on the bar.

“Cut off my finger,” he demanded. The barmaid was bewildered, but cut off his finger. The cowboy held up his hand with a bloody stump and said, “Now that’s tough.”

The second cowboy thought for a moment, then slapped his arm up on the bar.

“Cut off my hand,” he told the barmaid. She looked at him as if he were crazy, but hacked off his hand. The second cowboy held up his bloody stump of an arm and cried, “Now THAT┬áis tough!”

The third cowboy stood up and whipped his dick out, slapping it down on the bar.

“Oh no, you don’t want me to cut that off do you?” the barmaid asked.

“No honey, I want you to suck it off.”