The little gremlins in my brain who come up with this stuff . . . I don’t know about them. It’s like they sit around, drinking beer all day, then one of them says to the other ones, “Hey, let’s get him to say something REALLY stupid!”

The gremlin on his left yawns. “Umm, he says stupid shit all the time.”

‘Uh huh, but,” replies the first little gremlin, “this time we get him to say something stupid to a pretty girl. She’ll slap his face, storm out, hilarity ensues!”

The more sensible gremlin shakes his head. “If we go that route, then we have to notify the ‘Flight or Fight’ department so they have enough supply of adrenaline. You know how those guys are. They always want to argue or just avoid us all together. Why don’t we just have him *think* stupid stuff . . . well, ok, he does that all the time, too.”

“Hey!” the first gremlin snaps one of his 8 fingers on his right hand. “Why don’t we get him to join an online dating thing! Could there BE any faster way to make him say or write something really dumb? Plus, then, it’s out there for *everyone* to see and laugh at!”

The other gremlins nod their heads. “This might just work . . . break out some Bud Light, boys, we’ve got work to do!”