From Hot Air:

For pure political reasons, one of the whores of the Senate, Max Baucus, has been nominated to be the Ambassador to China.

Allahpundit writes:

. . . the posting to China touches on issues of vast importance for the US in terms of trade, national security, and budget deficits. For instance, the US is currently fighting attempts from Beijing to force American journalists out of the country to keep them from reporting on these issues in depth. To say that this is an important diplomatic posting with a deep need for expertise in the issues involved is to offer a dramatic understatement. Yet the White House has nominated someone who apparently knows little about those issues. Why? Democrats wanted Gov. Steve Bullock to appoint a Democrat in Baucus’ place in order to get a leg up in the 2014 midterm race in what was going to be an open seat. Baucus got the appointment to get him out of the Senate now, rather than at the end of the session.

During his questioning by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Baucus actually says, “I’m no real expert on China . . . ”

Alex Coelho comments on Twitter:

But he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night

— Alex Coelho (@apcoelho) January 28, 2014