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Area Woman Has Some Thoughts About a New Computer Programming Language to Be Created in Accordance With Feminist Ideology

Her basic argument seems to be that programming language is sexist. Yes, sexist. Programming language’s strictness of rules and idealization of “elegant” (simple, direct) solutions is a normative, standard-setting paradigm of thought that reinforces masculine thinking and male hegemony.

It’s pretty much a joke (we can only hope), but, as always, the comments steal the show:

— I look forward to the new computer that doesn’t solve problems but talks about them for hours.

— Does this modem make my CPU look big?

— Maybe they could use Perl Necklace too.

— I just invented BOOB – BOob Oriented Programming. You cannot actually write any code with it, because if you are caught looking at it, you have to go to sensitivity training.

— What possible use could such a computer language have? Shopping program?

— 5 CLS
10 Make me a sandwich
20 GOTO 10

— Don’t they already have computers that only work right about 3 weeks of the month?

— Wait, have these people programmed Healthcare.Gov?