At the end of 2010 I caved in to years of hearing, “Man, you’ve got a face for radio!”  I signed up for a 10 week voice-over class with my good friend Ron Allan.

Listed below are some of the paid and non-paid work I did from 2011 through 2012.

My Audition Demo

  • The first part of the demo is a commercial for Ruth’s Chris steak house.  I’ve never sounded better in my life.  Hell, I’d do me!
  • There’s a spot for an HTC cell phone — “for the rock star in you!”  Ron hated the spot and thought it’d just distract since I don’t normally “sound like that.”  I just wanted to get my rock star voice on!

Spots I Got Paid For

Most of the stuff I got paid for was for the GCN Radio Network.  If you listen to the ads, you’ll quickly pick up that GCN caters to a lot of “oh-fuck-armageddon-is-around-the-corner-so-you-better-buy-our-shit!” ads.

Zeolite — You kind of have to admire they address their target market in the opening sentence:  “If you breath, eat, or drink . . .”  Of course, the ability to “offset immediate and long-term effects of nuclear fallout” is a bonus, too.

Utopia Silver —  Still not sure what “colloidal silver” is.  I mean, “colloidal” sounds like a derivative of the word “colon.”  Hmm.  Let’s not go any further.

Ready Reserve Foods Spending


Cha-Ching Wisdom

Camping Survival

Collapse Proof — If the world has gone to shit, how on earth are you supposed to (1) get to where your “off shore” gold storage is and (2) get the “gold and precious metals” out of the secure location?

First Street Walk In Tub

Blubaugh’s Auto Repair — I hate this ad.  Were I listening to the radio and this ad started to play, I couldn’t change the station quick enough to stop my ears from bleeding.


Spots I Did Out Of The Goodness Of My Pea Pickin’ Heart

Woodland Heights Toys for Kids

Watkins Truck — Toys for Kids

Accel Temporary Military Tribute

Gray’s Maytag Missing Children Public Service Annoucement

Ron’s Glass Military Tribute