Why is the sex always great with a teacher?

Because she makes you do it over and over again . . .



From my new favorite kickass teacher:

She will speak to you as if you’re a student when you’re wrong in an argument (and probably if you’re right, too).
She’s highly trained in the art of keeping her cool in an argument, and one of those ways of keeping cool is delivering some of the most mind-blowingly annoying one-liners on the planet. For example:
“Let me know when you’re ready to take responsibility for your actions.”
“Use your words.”
“Was that a good choice?”
These statements and questions, disguised as innocuous, even gentle hints, are designed specifically to make you want to set yourself on fire.

She will go hours without responding to your telecommunication attempts, often without explanation.
If you’re one of those people who expects to hear back when you text or call someone, you should probably steer clear of teachers. I know that personally, from about 10:30 PM to 5:30 PM the next day, it’s a complete crapshoot whether I will reply at all, let alone promptly.

She has a near-perfect BS detector.
You will get away with nothing.