From Peter, Paul, and Mary In Concert

When I was around 13, 14, somewhere in there, I used to hang out at my friend Carl’s house.  He and I’d play records in his room.  One of them was this very record. It had several sections of Paul Stukey doing some very funny bits which cracked me up.

I’ve edited out the comedy part before the singing begins, but it had to do with the differences between Trick Or Treat in the 40s / 50s when PP&M grew up VS how it was in the mid-60s when they recorded this album.

A few months ago I got to thinking about those comedy bits.  I had long forgotten — if I’d ever known — that it was PP&M who’d done the album.  I had no idea when the album was released.  The only thing I could remember was one of Paul’s routines where it featured a character called, “The Kid.”  That, and the only line I could remember from the bit was, “He never races anyone.  He just sits at the red light and scares the hell out of them.”  I didn’t know who did the routine, what album it was from, or the name of the track.  I assumed the track was called “The Kid,” since I didn’t recall it associated with any song.  I wouldn’t have even bet I’d correctly remembered that one line.

Amazingly, with just that little bit of information, I was able to find the album though it had been recorded nearly 50 years ago.