When I was in high school, I had grand plans to ride across the United States on a bicycle.

They were silly plans, of course.  A 17 year old doesn’t think of things like, “Where are you going to sleep?”  “How are you going to eat?”  “Which roads will you travel on?”  A 17 year just thinks, “I’m 17.  I’m indestructible.  I’ll figure it out as I go along.”

Here’s my plans:  Just go.  Figure it out as I go along.  Hmm.  Maybe a 17 year old’s way of looking at something isn’t so silly after all.

Of course, there’s a few more things to consider.  Generally, a 17 year old doesn’t have anything.  Isn’t responsible for anything.  A 17 year old can disappear and it’ll hardly be noticed by the world at large.

But a 53 year who has obligations, responsibilities . . . possessions . . . has to figure out what to do with those things. 

While he’s figure out what to do with all of that, the detritus of just being alive that long, maybe he should take a little bit to figure out some other basics:  “Where is he going to sleep?”  “How is he going to eat?”  “Which roads will he be traveling on?”