This machine is going to be a big part of this:

Seven Cycles Expat SL

Ohhhhhhh, what a beautiful machine.  Stopped by a local bike shop the other day.  The only place in town that’s a distributor / reseller / partner of Seven Cycles.

Got to put my hands on a custom made bicycle.


I had a hybrid bike for the longest time.  It was slow.  Cumbersome.  Heavy as hell.  It got stolen in NYC.  (Mainly because I was a dumbass.  I’m sure the guys who stole it called me that.  “Hey, look at the lock that dumbass put on his bike.  That may work fine for Columbus, Ohio, but we criminals here in NYC eat those kinds of locks for breakfast.”)  Replaced that stolen bike with a road bike.

It replacement was a “Sequoia” model from Specialized.  Cost a little over $700 back in 2007.  I’ve been riding it ever since.  It’s been a great bike.  I bet I’ve sunk $3000 into the thing over those years to keep the wheels, tires and the drive train as good as they can be.  I rode it across Iowa in 2008 for RAGBRAI.  Across Ohio in 2009 for XOBA.  My own trips to Lake Erie and Richmond, Indiana.  Plus, what has to be thousands of miles spent on the Miami Valley RailsTrails.

That Sequoia has never let me down.  (Oh, there was the 4 flats in one day thing on the ride to Lake Erie, but it was hardly the bike’s fault.)  It’s been a good and faithful machine.

But it was love at first sight (touch?) when I picked up that Seven Cycle Axiom

The very first bicycle I bought was when I was 12 years old.  Bought it from my best friend, Tim Blevins, in Clovis, California.  It cost $5.  Which was all the money in the world to me.

In spec-ing out the Expat SL I’m figuring it’s going to cost me about a thousand times what Tim’s bike ran me.

Obviously the first order of business in “retiring” to figure out is . . . how to pay for it.