Little Buddy.

The one being on the planet who’s always been happy to see me.

It’s going to be like leaving one of my kids behind.  It’s going to break my heart.  I keep recalling the line out of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Mr. Bojangles”:

He spoke through tears of 15 years
How his dog and him traveled about
The dog up and died, he up and died
After 20 years he still grieves

Best dog I’ve ever had.  Can’t imagine what it’s going to be like without the little beast with me.

But I can’t imagine toting him with me.  I can’t imagine subjecting the dog to life on the road.

Goddammit, though, I’m going to miss him.

(And yes, I’ve got folks lined up to care for the little beast for the rest of his life.)