. . . because I really will miss the little beast.

But as I started to think about the logistics of it, there isn’t any way.  It’s not like when I go to work now.  The dog stays warm, safe, and dry in the house.

I won’t have a house.  I’m going to be technically and literally homeless.  (Such a negative connotation, this word “homeless.”)

Since I won’t have a house, I won’t have any place to put the dog when I need to do something like, oh, eat in a restaurant.

That got me to thinking about something else.  The bicycle itself.  It’s going to be like a Siamese twin to me.  I’m never going to be able to just leave it somewhere.  Gonna need an industrial strength lock / chain, for sure.  But, even still . . . with a car, you can just park it somewhere and it’s more than likely going to be unharmed upon your return.  A bicycle?  I don’t know.

Can you store a bicycle at airports?  Let’s say that I feel like flying home at some point on the road. (Home?  What home?)  Ok, let’s say I feel like flying to someone’s home at some point.  Where do I stash the bicycle?  Will I have to ship it back with me when I fly?

This is going to require some pondering.