I’ve been schlepping around close to 3000 comic books for decades now.  From house to house I just tote the boxes.  Whenever whichever woman I’m with has grown weary of me, I pack up my computers and comics and move on down the road.

I’ve not read them in years nor will I be able to tote them along on the ride.  Guess I could digitize the ones that I really like and put them on my iPad.  (I long ago digitized all my CD / DVDs and got rid of the physical media.)

In any case, I found some nifty software that allows you to quickly catalog your entire collection.  I’ve spent a few days going through them all.  I’m just about done.  Got roughly 500 or so more to get through.

100% of them are DC comics.  85% of them are from the 60s to the 80s.  Unfortunately, there’s no Action #1s or Detective Comics #27s in the bunch.  There’s a lot of Superman, Superboy, Legion of Super Heroes, Supergirl . . . do you detect a “super” trend here?

Also, unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of what I have is pretty much worthless.  None of it’s going to fetch big bucks.  I may have a few isolated books that are worth $10 to $20 for a single book, but that’s going to be a rare thing.

Being a businessman myself I know that any place that buys these books has to be able to resell them and make a buck or two.  I think most of the books could fetch a minimum of $2 per.  If I could manage to get them to buy them from me for $1 each . . . I’d be happy with that amount.

So, let’s say I net between $2000 and $2500 selling all my comic books.

Next, I have a lot of original / framed artwork by folks like George Perez, Curt Swan, and Alex Ross.

Plus I have a few prints by Stephen Hanks.

Each item was originally a few hundred dollars.  If I can get even what I paid for them 10 years ago, that will hopefully raise the last of what I need for the bike.