It was a little on the chilly side today.  And I had a ton of errands to do.  Grocery shopping.  Dishes.  Laundry. 

But . . . shouldn’t I have gotten out there in the rain, wind, and cold and ridden?  You know, ‘cuz it’s not like it’s going to be windy, rainy, and cold in two years.  It’s not going to be sunshine, blue skies, and unicorn farts every day.

I’m still going to have chores to do while I’m on the road.  There’s still going to be laundry.  I would imagine there’s going to be some kind of bike maintenance to do.  Emails to answer.  Blog postings to update.  Not to mention a lot of administrative stuff I’ll have to tackle for the company I own.  (Just because I’m retiring from every day activities doesn’t mean I’m giving up all my duties.  The company’s too tiny to be able to replace what I do and pay me, too.  I’ve still got to earn my supper!)

So, was I justified by taking a day off?

That’s been a subject I’ve been trying to figure out.  It ties in with how to monetize this thing.  How to make it pay for itself.  My hazy thoughts on the subject involve folks donating to read my stories from the road.  How well will that go over?  That I don’t know.  But I’m figuring if I can convince just a thousand people that my tales are worth a couple of bucks a month, that’s more than enough to buy a McSkorpion sandwich a couple of times a week.

But then aren’t I “working”?  Shouldn’t the paying customers get those tales they’ve “paid” for?  That seems fair. 

So how many tales a week?  How many blog posts?  I don’t know.

I guess I thought that I’ll ride Monday through Saturday.  Treat myself to a day off on Sunday.  Stay in a hotel — ok, stay indoors somewhere that has a shower and a real bed; where I can get some laundry done! — Saturday and Sunday nights.  (Nothing posh.  Motel 3 And A Half should do nicely.)  Maybe a minimum of a blog post every 2 days.  Since I’m a wordy sumbitch, I’m sure it’ll be more often that that.  Let’s call it 3 to 4 posts every week.  Tales of where I’m at.  Who I’ve met. Stories that I’ve heard on the road.

Would that be worth 50 cents a week?  Would you pay 50 cents a week to follow the tales of an old fat guy (who’s broke, don’t forget!) on a bicycle in the middle of Wharthafukkarewe? 

I still haven’t answered my own question about whether or not it was fair to take the day off today — and whether it’ll be fair to take days off when I’m on the road.  ‘Cuz, if you think about it, won’t every day be a day off?  I’m not punching a time card somewhere.  Not digging a ditch.  I’m riding a bicycle.  Going where I want to go.

Guess I’m going to have to chalk this question up to one of those things I need to figure out.  Suppose I can make up the rules as I go, huh?