Talked to Bike Source on Friday.  They said the part would be in maybe on Tuesday.  They could then get it by Wednesday. 

So you know what the means, don’t you?  Yes, it means I’ve been using my $10 a month membership to Planet Fitness to keep those riding muscles in shape!  I’ve been diligent about driving down there, mounting the stationary bikes, and putting in 4 to 6 hours a day, just like I would have on my bicycle!

Right.  Sure. 

Actually, I’ve been doing the worst thing I possibly can.  Sitting on my fat ass and eating everything in sight.  And if it was hidden, I tracked it down, killed it, put it on a spit, and roasted over an open flame.  (Ice cream really hates to put roasted on an open spit.)

I wanted to do a long distance ride this year.  I originally had planned to do a one way trip to Chicago.  But early this year I’d changed my mind and decided, instead, to ride back from the annual Superman Festival held in Metropolis, Illinois.  I blew it off for various reasons.  Now I’m rethinking Chicago again.

Not as a “test run,” though.  I plan on making it a “credit card tour.”  Tote no gear or dog.  Just ride from point A to point B.  Stop when I see a hotel that I like.  (Cheap will be the operative word.  Like me!)  Give myself, say, five days to get there.

It’s sure help to have my bike back to do it with, though . . .