The temperature today is supposed to be 102 degrees.  I’ll be leaving work early, around 4PM, and according to, that’s about the time we get to 102.  I’ve ridden in 100+ degree heat before.  If I have my druthers, and I do in this case, I’d prefer to be in the shade.  Or in the air conditioning.  Or, just about anywhere other than on blacktop riding a bicycle.

One of the fellas I’ve been following on Crazy Guy On A Bike was in Kansas two days ago.  At 10AM that morning it was already 109 degrees there.  I knew it’d just be a couple of days before that heat hit here.  Right on schedule, here it is.

Yesterday morning was a relatively chilly 55 degrees, but this morning at 5 it was already 73.  Yowzah. 

It was a nice easy ride today.  A tad over 20 miles — and I had take a couple of detours to reach the 20.  Stopped at one my favorite hole-in-the-wall / greasy-spoons Fitzy’s

I guess all 24 hour greasy spoons have varying clientele, but Fitzy’s is particularly eclectic.  The early morning breakfast crowd is pretty much what you see everywhere.  The “regulars” all stop by.  Those are the old retired guys who’re reading the paper, bitching about sports, bitching about politics, telling lies about which waitresses they’ve slept with.  Lunch tends to be the working folks.  Not much of a dinner crowd. 

For the real show, you have to get there around 3AM.  That’s when the strip clubs close.  The dancers and the bouncers are all hungry.  Fitzy’s and Waffle House seem to be the destination of choice.

Only one waitress on duty and she’d been there since the wee hours.  When she cashed me out, she gave me $5 too much.  (Handed me a $10 bill instead of a $5 bill.) I called her attention to it and she thanked me.  Gave myself a little pat on the back for being honest.  Then I thought, well, wouldn’t everyone have done the same thing?  Guess not.  As I left, I started back up the Mike McConnell podcast I’d been listening to.  He had on a guest who had been studying why people cheat and steal.  It was an interesting topic and it basically came down to “if you can rationalize it, you’ll do it.”  Unless you’re a psychopath.  Or, I’m guessing, a politician.  Which is pretty much the same thing . . .

Finished Cycle: Jun 28, 2012 7:17:48 AM
Shortened Google Maps URL:
Ride Time: 1:32:52
Distance: 20.44 miles
Average: 13.21 mph
Fastest Speed: 24.91 mph
Ascent: 416 feet
Descent: 421 feet
Calories: 1620